Urgently need customers?
There are situations when customers are needed quickly, urgently and most importantly - as cheaply as possible, and preferably even free of charge. Such situations at one time or another…

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Weak core business
Intuitive refinement is fast and most importantly free. Therefore, it is most often used. As a result, there seems to be a scheme, but what the businessman really represents, she…

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Marketing as a business philosophy
Marketing as a business philosophy is the norm for a modern businessman. This is due to the fact that getting an effective business is now possible only through marketing. Such…

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A way to grow without investment

Are you full of ideas? Want to change the world? Want to bring something from yourself? Want to earn the most money to solve your problems? Their strength and resources for all this is not always enough. One of the best ways to get additional strength and resources is to own a business. Creating a business, you create a “magnet” that attracts the missing forces and resources. These forces and resources then work for you, helping to make the world the way you see it.

The stronger this “magnet”, the more forces you can attract, which means that the more ideas you can realize and more money to earn. How far the business will go, how many ideas will eventually be implemented – it all depends on the strength of the “magnet”. Initially, any business is infinitely strong, which means that you can realize all your ideas. However, business often faces limitations. In order for it to develop effectively, it is necessary to remove these restrictions and then the business will be able to go as far as possible, and without investments, at the expense of its own resources.

How to develop a business? The core of a business is its idea. Any idea is endless and eternal, including the idea of ​​business. How far a business will go depends only on how strongly and efficiently the idea that underlies it is developed. In order to develop an idea, you need to understand it and the people you take into business. A business develops as much as there is an understanding of its idea, both on the part of the businessman and on the part of the people involved. Understanding an idea comes with experience, but only if experience is as diverse as possible.

It turns out that experience is not always so diverse as to fully understand the idea. The average figure for understanding a business idea is about 15-20%. As a result, on average, a business operates at 15-20% of its capabilities. Immediately after the organization, the business grows rapidly and rapidly, but then it reaches about 15-20% of its capabilities and freezes, as if it were resting against an invisible wall. In such a situation, there is a lack of thoughts, a lack of energy, a lack of strength, apathy arises, it seems that life has stopped.

As a result of the fact that the barrier is invisible, it is not possible to understand what the problem is. The search for the guilty begins. Someone appoints the state guilty, some competitors, some workers. But there are no culprits, just the business has run into a barrier and cannot develop. To remove the invisible barriers that arise in front of the business, special tools help. The business legram is a simple, understandable, affordable and very effective tool for removing the barriers facing a business. It is very simple and very pleasant to work with the Legram. It represents just over 100 questions that need to be answered.

The questions are simple, but pondering them triggers processes that lead to a higher level of understanding of the idea underlying the business. As a result, invisible barriers are removed. The legram of business allows you to face more than 100 new situations without leaving your office. Due to this, there comes a close to 100% understanding of the idea underlying the business. Understanding the idea allows you to:

enhance business magnetism
to keep workers
retain customers
create customers
raise the charisma of business
determine the best areas of development
create and develop markets
rally a company
accelerate development
start or restart a business
It is very simple to work with a businessgram. For this, special training is not needed, special training is not required, and some special skills are not needed. At the same time, detailed instructions and free developer consultations are attached to the legram. You will not be left alone with her. If you have questions, you can quickly get an answer. The instruction takes only one sheet, familiarization with it will take no more than 5 minutes. No one will stand above your soul, rush or control you somewhere. You yourself decide when, where, how and how much you will work with the businessgram.

It is offered in a universal text format, it can be opened using any text editor, both online and offline from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop). When working with a legram, you can take advantage of the time intervals when you have nothing to do or when you have to wait for someone or something. This means that you don’t have to look for extra time. The operation algorithm is as follows:

open the legram
read the question
ponder it
get thoughts
write them down
pumped by idea
expand understanding
developing a business
Everything is very simple. You just need to answer all the questions. They are not complicated, but on the contrary, captivating and causing curiosity. After you finish answering questions on the first circle, return to the first question and answer it. You read the question itself and the answer to it, if there is no desire to correct the answer, then you have expressed all your thoughts. Next, go over all the questions and answers. If you want to change the answer to the question – do it. Continue until you realize that there are no more thoughts.

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