New financial system
Experts say that Democrats, who could not advance their candidate for the post of US President, are financiers. That means they lost. Financiers are unlikely to give up, will try…

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What is the cause of the global crisis
For some time, marketing has managed its role 100%. He provided such a sales volume of goods and services, under which a sufficient amount of money was issued. Everything worked…

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The oil war as a marketing factor
When Russia wins, it favorably affects its economy, because the money in the form of customs duties on oil goes to the budget. It can be assumed that money will…

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Why are most people poor?

Answers to the question why people are poor, there are as many as poor people. Each beggar finds his own answer for himself, but he must somehow compensate for his poverty in front of himself. Having found the answer, he sleeps better, eats better, so everyone is looking for such an answer. However, the truth is that poverty has not only subjective causes that are associated with each individual personality, but there is one common objective reason for all.

In fact, this reason justifies every beggar, gives him legitimate reasons to believe that the world is unfair. And the farther, the more the world’s structure becomes unfair, because it does not keep pace with the change in this world.It is this reason that underlies all the crises of recent years. So it’s better to know about her. True, the problem is that it is difficult to find out about it, because no one talks about it.

What is the reason? It is connected with the existing scheme for creating money and issuing banknotes. Money is created as a result of the generation and implementation of new ideas. Each new idea is a new potential and an occasion for the issue of banknotes that visualize this very potential. The more ideas, the more money you can issue. However, the problem is that only a limited number of people receive money directly to realize their ideas.

Let’s call these people alpha. The rest can receive money only if they earn it, i.e. will do something for the alpha, help them realize their ideas. The one who receives money from them is beta. With money, betas can already realize their ideas and for the help they pay them to the next in the hierarchy – scales. Further, the scales already realize their ideas and pay for help to the next on the list – deltas.

It is clear that the trickle of money is constantly narrowing and eventually runs out completely. The most recent in the hierarchy do not receive money at all and they have to get it illegally. In turn, alpha does not have a shortage of money, they can get it as much as necessary. It is difficult to say how much specifically alpha is, but it can be roughly calculated. According to various sources, there are about 14.6 million dollar millionaires in the world.

However, those with more than 30 million – about 150,000 people. Apparently this is the alpha who receive money directly from the emission center for their ideas. Of course, there are random people among these people who do not have access to emissions, but there are few of them. It should be noted that the proposed scheme is not the ultimate truth, but just a model.

Accordingly, all world money is issued for approximately 150,000 people and is then already distributed in a hierarchy from top to bottom. It is not accidental that they are issued precisely for them. Money on a global scale creates these same 150,000 people, generating and implementing ideas. Further, under these ideas and their implementation, banknotes or numbers in the computer are issued and put into circulation in accordance with the created potential.

Alpha pays beta work on the implementation of ideas and on the creation of the goods and services they need. It can be said that alpha generates demand of the first level, which beta satisfies. If we talk about the number of bet, then these are all millionaires who have a fortune of less than 30 million. There are about 14.45 million of them. Betas create demand of the second level, which satisfy the scales, which, in essence, work on beta and receive money from them.

As for gammas, their number is also more likely than the number of bet two orders of magnitude, as well as bet compared to alpha. More specifically, the gamut is about 1.44 billion people, i.e. the same Golden billion. Gammas create demand of the third level, which the deltas satisfy, and they are already all the other inhabitants of the Earth. Moreover, according to logic, they should be under 150 billion, so that there is enough for all scales.

But, as you know, the Earth’s population is about 7.3 billion, so there are not enough deltas, only about 5.85 billion people. In fact, only alpha and beta can be called not beggars, they almost completely satisfy their needs. All the rest, to one degree or another, are beggars, even many millionaires who cannot satisfy all their desires. Obviously, this state of affairs is connected with the structure of the creation and issue of money.

Each of the types of people is engaged in strictly defined matters. Alpha – generate ideas and ensure their implementation. In fact, they determine the structure of the economic, political and social space in which everyone else lives. Betas – create technologies, techniques, tools for alpha so that they can realize their ideas. Creating technology is the second most difficult operation after generating new ideas.

Gamma – produce goods and services in accordance with the ideas of alpha and technology bet. Production is the third most complicated operation. Well, the last type is deltas, they provide raw materials for production and do other dirty work. This is the easiest operation in terms of complexity, so it is of little value. Accordingly, the deltas get the least money and the original stream.

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