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Attack marketing is active marketing

At the same time, the purpose of the attack is to create dynamics for your company, and the dynamics are not simple, but one that creates more favorable conditions for it and provides a larger volume of profits and incomes. If you look around, everything that anyone has ever received is almost always, with the exception of cases of inheritance, resulting from an attack. Only through attack can you get new markets, new consumers, better suppliers.

Attack marketing is active marketing, such marketing, in which weather is not expected from the sea, but the right climate with the right weather is created. To attack is to be on the crest of a wave. Only the one who attacks can skim the cream can hope for a successful future, while others will be content with “scraps”, if they certainly remain. If a passive device can give a short-term result, while very, very shaky, then the result of the attack is such a situation, in which there will be a long-term result, on which hardly anyone decides to encroach.

You can attack only when there is an attack system. An attack system is a marketing system, and an expansionist marketing system. The main characteristic of the expansionist system is to live not only in the present, but also in the future. Living in the future means seeing yourself in the future, creating plans for the future and ensuring their implementation.

At the same time, creative specialists are one of the main elements of the attack system, because in order to live in the future, it is necessary to create something that has never happened before. It is necessary to create new products, it is necessary to create new marketing systems, it is necessary to create new methods of advertising, all this is the “ammunition” through which the attack is carried out.

Create “ammunition” and apply them through marketing, actively use it, because the market requires active application of marketing. The more activity on the market, the greater the results. In the modern world, the role of creative specialists and the “ammunition” they create is very large, because in fact the struggle is between the creators and the rest of the company just “shoots” the “ammunition” they created .

Attack marketing is not chaotic marketing, but “jewelry marketing”

It turns out that it is possible to attack effectively only if the uninterrupted production of ammunition is organized. But for ammunition, raw materials are needed, which in marketing are marketing research, analytics, i.e. all the data on the basis of which the creators create them. Creating creativity divorced from life is a big mistake.

Not creating creativity means not attacking the markets. Do not attack the markets – this means not to apply active marketing. Do not apply active marketing <- this means losing, because the application of active marketing requires the market. Attack marketing is not chaotic marketing, but jewelry marketing. With attack marketing, everything should be clear.

First of all, clear goals should be set and the orientation should not be on the process, as is usually the case with us, but on the result. The concept of attack itself implies the presence of a target. If there is no goal, then this is no longer an attack, but simply chaotic actions. An attack is a set of active actions to achieve a result. An example of an attack is an advertising company to conquer a specific market.

The fact that military equipment is not used in this case creates the illusion that everything happens naturally without the use of weapons. In fact, this is an attack and this is a war. To wage such a war, you need to become a marketer not only in diploma, but also in spirit. You need to attack when there is a goal. If you have a goal, in a way other than through an attack, to achieve it is simply unrealistic.

For example, the goal may be to increase market share, enter a new market, and obtain large profits. All this can be obtained only through an attack, in itself this will not happen, because any result requires action. Simple actions rarely give results, because with them there is no main thing – there is no mood to achieve it.

It is the attack that brings the result, because only attacking actions contain a sincere desire to get what you want at any cost. The result is only active marketing – attack marketing. Moreover, attack marketing is one of the concepts of active marketing.

You can safely predict that the future lies with attacking marketing, the future with active marketing, which includes noomarketing. In a world where competition intensifies, only attacking marketing, active marketing can give the desired results. In this case, most likely, all those companies that use non-attack marketing, passive marketing will eventually be forced to leave the market, because they simply will not have the resources to exist.

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