Rich Country Export Strategy
The strategy of exporting to rich countries is a clear answer to the question of how to sell to such regions and countries as Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China and…

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The right analysis of market opportunities
Market opportunities may vary. Some allow you to earn large profits and profits, others small. Some will allow you to earn income quickly, others slowly. Some market opportunities require large…

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How to become a real post-industrial?
Much suggests that the transition to a post-industrial economy has begun. However, not all running processes are successful. Post-industrial transition is no exception. It may or may not take place.…

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A simple answer to the question of how to attract new customers

In order to solve this problem, there is one very effective solution. It consists in creating a new look at the old product and as a result the product will look in a new way. It seems unbelievable that an old product can be made new, but the fact is that it is real. It is real because each person has his own inner world, his needs and the problem is that the client does not see how his need can be met through your product, which means that he needs to be explained.

Why do people need to explain everything? Just because they often don’t know what they need. Accordingly, standard approaches such as: how can I help or how much do you expect, just do not work. What works? If you want to understand how to attract new customers, you must definitely figure it out. Only that which hurts a person works, that which causes cognitive dissonance or, in other words, confusion in it, as it is customary to say.

In general, something unexpected works, but one that hits the right spot. Beats in real need. If current needs are satisfied, then the person always has hidden needs. These hidden needs must be found in the client, and then explain to him how your product can satisfy them, i.e. show the product from a new perspective, create a new look at the product.

Finding customer hidden needs is the key to how to attract new customers. He who knows how to do this well has high sales volumes, because, as a rule, a large number of customer needs are hidden.

How to do this, how to find hidden needs, how to attract new customers? Wave a magic wand and solve the problem, or catch a goldfish and solve the problem, as you know, it will not work, because all this is not serious and not real. You can solve the problem only if you do something real, for example, do a little work. Just a little work. There is nothing terrible and terrible in this work, there is no need to be afraid of it, at least, because this work is not dusty.

Moreover, it is very interesting, because it is creative. It is also important that it brings pleasure, and you can earn decently. Here the relationship is simple: the more you work, the more you can sell goods and thereby earn more. Special knowledge and skills are not needed here, you just need to know what activities need to be implemented. These events are simple and free, you don’t have to invest anything. There are only three of these events.

The first event consists in a detailed description of the product and highlighting its characteristics. This event is necessary because usually the goods are considered on the one hand, from the seller’s needs, from the seller’s point of view. If the seller loves red, then he will focus on it. If he loves fashion, then on this. But, as it is not surprising, what the seller needs is not always necessary for the buyer.

Therefore, it is not always the buyer who buys what the seller offers him, but only if he is the same as the seller and he needs the same as the seller. Accordingly, you need to describe the product in as much detail as possible in order to highlight its other characteristics. As long as you describe the product, you will have many interesting ideas on how to attract new customers.

It is necessary to highlight all the characteristics, and not just those that the seller considers important. The buyer may consider important completely different product characteristics. You can do all this in your mind, but it’s better to create the appropriate table on paper or in electronic form and write everything down there. So the characteristics are better to remember.

The second event consists in a detailed description of customers and highlight their characteristics. The client, as well as the goods, on the part of the seller is usually viewed on the one hand. The seller is trying to see in himself or something important for himself. There are people similar to the seller, but there are also not similar. The seller understands similar customers and can sell them the goods. The seller does not understand customers who are unlike themselves and cannot sell goods to them.

Accordingly, in order to understand how to attract new customers, you must first understand the client. To do this, it must be described in as much detail as possible in order to highlight all its characteristics. It is necessary to highlight all the characteristics, and not just those that the seller considers important. The client may consider important their completely different characteristics and it is on them to be guided when choosing a product.

The more characteristics of the client it turns out to allocate, the more chances to sell the goods. As in the case of the goods, all this can be done in the mind, but it is better to create the appropriate table on paper or in electronic form and write everything down there.

Well, the third, final event consists in linking the characteristics of the client and the product. In order to do this, you need to find in the product characteristics that correspond to the characteristics of the client and then, in the process of communicating with the client, indicate to him this relationship.

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