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World financial system

Money is sorely lacking. And everyone, from the poorest homeless to the very top of the world elite. One is missing a couple of bucks, the other is missing a couple of hundred billion. The situation is very strange, because, as you know, “Gd does not give desire without the possibility of their fulfillment”. The bottom line is that there are many desires, but they are fulfilled poorly.

How did it happen? Why did the matrix crash? Why are there desires, but they are not realized? First of all, because there is not enough motivational energy, the materialization of which is money. The global financial system is working at 500% of its ability to create money, but it is still not enough. There are more and more new methods, but they do not give the proper effect and are not visible to give.

So, there is some basic point that does not allow us to see the essence of the problem. We can definitely say that all the money that could be printed in an industrial format has long been printed. There is only one way out of the situation – to start printing money in the framework of the new post-industrial format.

As the saying goes, “the fish does not know about the existence of water until it is pulled out of the water into the air.” Apparently, all this indicates that the time has come for humanity to “get out of the water.” In our case, water is a monetary system. One must go beyond the limits of the monetary system in order to understand what money is.

So, what will a person who has transcended the monetary system see? He will see that money is just a way to indicate the intrinsic motivation of each individual. This is not paper, not zeros in a computer, not coins, not gold, but a way to indicate the amount of internal energy of a person. The internal energy of a person is what makes him lift his ass off the couch and go to realize his desires.

If a person has desires, then he has internal energy, and under its influence he raises his ass. If a person has no desires, then he will not raise his ass, even if you give him money. When a person has no desire, money is just paper. They do not create energy on their own. The magical power of money, their ability to motivate, lies precisely in the fact that with their help one can realize desires.

Now everything falls into place. The problem with the global financial system is that money is the foundation in it. The real basis is human motivation. The more a person has motivation, the more desires he has, the more money he needs. There are a lot of desires, but not enough money. Because the financial system works according to one principle, and desires according to other principles.

Today, money is issued under the volume of goods or other values ​​that circulate in the economy. If you throw more money than there are goods, you get inflation. But man does not need goods, but the possibility of fulfilling desires. A product is simply a way to fulfill a desire. Each desire generates a certain amount of motivation or in other words energy.

Accordingly, there should be as much money in the economy as there are desires, not goods, then there will be equilibrium. Previously, this was impossible, because under all desires there was not enough goods. Now you can produce as many products as you like, production facilities and technologies allow you to do this.

The world financial system, which is today, is fundamentally limited, and in a vicious circle. There are desires, but there is no money in order to buy goods in order to sell them. In principle, money could still be thrown in if the quantity of goods increased.

But no one produces goods anymore, because they cannot be sold, because people do not have money to buy them. But there are desires. Accordingly, the key factors are people’s desires. Money should be issued not for goods, but for desires, then they will be enough for everyone. The main question remains – how to issue money at will.

How to measure the desires of each person in order to withdraw a certain amount of desires and how to turn it into numbers that will say how much money should be issued? In fact, everything is simple. Even Plato said that everything originates from ideas. The desires of people also come from ideas. An idea gets into a person and arouses desire in him. How many ideas a man has, so many desires and so much energy he has, for which money is emitted.

Each individual idea causes a different amount of motivation. For example, to buy a car a person is ready to work for years. But for the sake of ice cream, he will not work so much. It is necessary to determine how many ideas each person has. Suppose, on average, each person wants to realize 100 ideas. Ideas embedded in a person and in the economy are different.

Someone introduced 5 ideas, and someone and everything that is available. How much exactly will need, of course, to be considered. Determine the price of these ideas and multiply one by the other. As a result, we get the amount of human motivation. Well, then for this amount of motivation comes the issue of money.

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