Marketing as a business philosophy
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Internal marketing as the basis of business
People are driven by ideas. However, not all ideas, but only those that they consider their own. Accordingly, in order for the employee to be loyal to the company, he…

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A way to grow without investment
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Why do I need a business control system

The bottom line is that people begin to play their games in order to realize their ideas at the expense of someone else’s business. In short, some use the business to surf the Internet. Some use the business as a place for parties, some use the business to find a husband or wife. There are people who use the business in order to have someone to chat with. Very often someone else’s business is used to earn “left money”.

It is clear that he suffers from the implementation of ideas that are not related to business. Accordingly, the question arises that a business control system is needed that ideally will not allow the implementation of other ideas besides the one that underlies the business or at least minimize their number. To solve the problem, you can introduce a tough, authoritarian management style.

The second option is to hire warders who will stand over the soul and control every step of each employee. Another option is hard recruiting, aimed at selecting only those people who will realize the idea of ​​business. All these methods have their pros and cons. Each of these pros and cons are known. The main conclusion is that there are more minuses than pluses.

An ideal business control system is not when everything is perfect, but when control is built on the most basic, primary level – ideal

Therefore, these methods are almost never used. We need a tool that has more pros than cons. Is there such a tool? Such a tool is in noomarketing, and it is called the business legram. Thegram allows you to build the perfect business control system. An ideal business control system is not when everything is perfect, but when control is built on the most basic, primary level – ideal.

As mentioned above, any business basically has some kind of idea. The business itself is a system that allows it to be implemented. Business is actually a tool for implementing an idea. The growth and development of the business are the consequences of increasing the distribution area of ​​the idea and increasing the strength of the idea itself. The more developed the idea, the more people introduced it, the larger the business is needed, as a combination of people, equipment, technology, real estate and other resources to service it.

At its core, a business is an operator that organizes the development of an idea. For this reason, many people come to the business to use its resources to develop their personal ideas. From the development of personal ideas of employees, a business makes profit only if these ideas coincide with the idea that underlies the business. In this case, we can talk about the synchronization of workers and business.

For synchronization to take place, workers need to pump the idea that underlies the business

Workers and the business as a whole work for a common idea, develop it, promote, implement and as a result, everyone gets his share of earnings. When ideas do not coincide, in this case we can talk about the lack of synchronization. This means that everyone works for himself, and it interferes with both business and others. It is clear that in such circumstances, the business is not able to generate money.

On the contrary, it generates losses. The coincidence of ideas of workers and business is a very rare phenomenon, almost unrealistic and not encountered. This means that the synchronization of employees with the idea of ​​business must be dealt with. For synchronization to take place, workers need to be pumped with the idea that underlies the business. As you know, the best tool for pumping the idea is a noomarketing tool – a legram.

A pumped person strives in any situation to realize the idea with which he pumped. In fact, we are talking about the fact that the use of a legram results in an automatic business control system. Moreover, this is a soft system, a person does not feel that a guard is standing above him, he does not need to shout at him.

Work on one common idea, translation by all specialists of one idea is all the key to business success

A person pumped by the idea of ​​business sees it as his own and accordingly does everything as for himself, and with pleasure, which is the most important. Such a specialist does not need to be pushed, he does not need to be reminded of anything, he becomes autonomous. As practice shows, the most successful businesses are businesses in which all specialists are pumped up, where as a result there is the maximum degree of synchronization, where there is the most monolithic team that works for one idea.

Work on one common idea, translation by all specialists of one idea – this is all the key to business success. Competitors are not afraid of such a business, because it is able to generate clients for itself in an amount sufficient for prosperity.

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