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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you sell through your website?
We do not have a shoppinand order over the phone at 540-894-5142 EST or email us at clanleatherworks@earthlink.net and let us know a convenient time for us to call you. You need to keep in mind that since all animals do not look exactly alike, the sporrans will not look exactly the same as the pictures. All our products are not on the website and some of those on the website are occasionally out of stock. Since there are only two of us, designing and hand-crafting all the items ourselves, we rarely take special orders. Because all sales are final, we encourage people to see our products at the Games before buying.

2. Why are all your sales final?
We want to be able to guarantee that everything you buy is absolutely new and has never been out of our control. We are very careful to guard against insects, mildew, pets, and other situations that may harm our products. No one has ever worn any of these sporrans, for example, to a wedding or a party. They are clean and undamaged.

3. Do you ever rent sporrans?

4. If I live too far away to from a Games that you attend, how is it possible to purchase one of your items?
You can have someone you trust who is attending one of the Games we attend, buy something for you, or you can order an item over the phone [see question #1]. Please remember that all sales are final.

5. How will I know if you have what I want in stock?
You can email us directly after the Games preceding the Games you will attend, and inquire [the Monday before the Games you wish to attend is always a safe bet]. We will not hold anything for you, but the item or items you want to inspect will be there at the opening of the Games.

6. Will I feel out-of-place if I don’t have a kilt or kilt skirt?
No. Many people come in street clothes.

7. Can I buy Highland attire at a Games?
Yes. You can usually order kilts and kiltskirts from other vendors. They will measure you – kilts and kiltskirts are made-to-order. Rarely will anyone find a kilt or kiltskirt in their tartan and size already made. Shirts, hose, shoes, and occasionally jackets can almost always be easily found, however.

8. How much is the entrance fee to a Games? Parking?
Some are free, most have tickets you must buy. Sometimes parking must also be paid for, sometimes it’s included in the price of the ticket. Contact the Games you’re interested in through the contact numbers we have listed on our Games pages.

9. What is the difference between Games and Festivals?
Games are Festivals that also include athletic competition.

10. Is there anything for kids to do at Scottish Games and Festivals?
Yes, usually. Check with the contacts listed on the Games pages for those you wish to attend.

11. Do you sell anything at the Games that is not on your website?
Yes. Our website pictures represent what we always try to have in stock. However, we have other items that we don’t always try to have in inventory, such as: various types and sizes of children’s fur and deerhide sporrans, kilt pins, various sporrans that are difficult to always have in stock, such as black Canadian Wolf Evening Sporrans, etc.

12. Do you take orders at the Games?
No. We do not take orders.

13. How do I find out what clan I belong to?
Contact the Council of Scottish Clans of America. Their function is to be an information service for individuals seeking their clan affiliation.

14. Do you carry tartan material?
No. We only sell items made out of tartan material.

15. Do you do wholesale? No.

16. If I buy two of something, is there a break on the price?
No. The price is always the same, no matter how many items you buy.

17. If I bring in a pelt, will you make me a sporran out of it?

18. Do you ever have recycled fur?
We try to always have one day sporran of recycled fur, usually made out of a fur coat of beaver or mink.

19. How do I know if you have my tartan in anything?
Email us after the last Games before the Games you plan on attending – the Monday before is always safe.

20. Do you carry all sizes of belts?
Belts are cut and punched to your exact size at the Games.

21. Do sporran belts come with the sporrans?
No, they are extra.

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Items offered for sale by Clan Leather Works can be legally sold by us in accordance with the laws of Virginia. When you order any item(s) from us, we assume the item(s) can be possessed by you in accordance with the laws of your state/country. Prices are subject to change without notice.

If you do not have email capabilities and you wish to contact us please call (540) 894-5142.